05.29.15 First-Quarter 2015 Lighting-Systems Index: Results “Disappointing,” NLB Says

After an outstanding fourth quarter 2014, which saw the highest lighting-equipment demand since the third quarter of 2008, first-quarter 2015 activity “has to be labeled disappointing,” said National Lighting Bureau Executive Director John Bachner. Quarter-over-quarter data show that first-quarter 2015 demand was 3.6% below fourth-quarter 2014 demand, and, according to Bachner, “essentially the same overall as that recorded during the second quarter of 2014.”

Lighting-equipment-demand data are provided via the NEMA Lighting-Systems Index (LSI), a seasonality- and inflation-adjusted composite measure of luminaires, ballasts, miniature lamps, large lamps, and emergency lighting shipped throughout the United States by NEMA’s lighting-equipment manufacturers. NEMA used 2002 data to create the LSI’s 100-point benchmark.

Although first-quarter 2015 data are disappointing, NEMA Director of Statistical Operations Stacey Harrison pointed out that first-quarter 2015 performance outpaced first-quarter 2014 results by 1.4%, thanks to increased shipments of emergency lighting and fixtures. Shipments of ballasts and large- and miniature-lamp components declined year over year, he said.

According to Bachner, first-quarter 2015 performance should sow seeds of optimism. He said, “Stronger year-over-year emergency-lighting and fixture sales suggest that the commercial market has finally been making its long-awaited comeback. We also need to consider how new technology – light-emitting diode (LED) technology, in particular – may be affecting markets. In other words, while we may be disappointed, what we may be seeing is not so much a decline as a change in what’s being purchased and how what’s being purchased may affect demand. We expect second-quarter 2015 results to be more revealing.”

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