2021 Tesla Award Winners

2021 Tesla Award Winners 2022-12-06T21:40:18-06:00


Staying true to its mission, the NLB created the Tesla Awards to honor lighting projects that provide High-Benefit Lighting®, or lighting that promotes human performance, health and wellness, safety and security, commerce and the reduction in light pollution. Not only do the winning projects showcase the value of lighting, but they also demonstrate the best practices in lighting design and the importance of collaboration.

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Ten Tesla Awards Given in 2021

  • Confidential Client Office TI
  • Deloitte HQ Link Bridges
    Equation Lighting Design
  • 25 E Washington lobby
    Schuler Shook
  • Penthouse
    LS Group
  • Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist
  • Rockefeller Capital Management
    Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Confidential Aerospace Defense Corporation
    Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Princeton University Firestone library
    Fisher Marantz Stone
  • BGI Castel Headquarters
    Marco Stignani Lighting Design
  • CME Group
    Schuler Shook

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