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IES A Second Language of Light

Deborah Burnett, Megan Carroll and David Warfel discuss the need for a second language of light. It is a fascinating discussion.

The Direction of Circadian Lighting and Circadian Science

Dr. Mariana Figueiro, Adam Lilien and Dr. Mark Rea discuss the direction of Circadian Lighting.

NLB’s 8th Annual Lighting Forum: The History of Lighting

Thought Leaders Nancy Clanton, Jim Benya, and Terry McGowan talk about the History of Lighting–and much, much more!

The 2022 NLB’s Annual Lighting Forum: Visual Health

Lisa Heschong, Nancy Clanton and Terry McGowan kick off the 2022 NLB Annual Lighting Forum discussing the importance of Daylighting–and VIEWS!

NLB’s Annual Lighting Forum: Women in Lighting + Design