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  • The National Lighting Bureau informs and influences decisions about lighting.
  • We provide powerful media exposure for Bureau sponsors, increasing their access to end users engaged in lighting projects.
  • An industry pioneer since 1976, the NLB advocates High-Benefit Lighting®; i.e., lighting systems that slash energy use; boost worker productivity; enhance health, safety, and security; stimulate sales; increase building-resale value; and lower insurance costs, among dozens of additional, valuable benefits.
  • The NLB is an independent, not-for-profit service created by, advocating for, and empowering the lighting community.
  • NLB sponsorship identifies you and your company as concerned industry leaders, providing unbiased, actionable information for lighting users.
  • Our website features publications; press releases; industry-roundtable videos; a unique, searchable directory of lighting designers; and links to thousands of electrical contractors and lighting-management companies.
  • Sponsorship aligns you and your organization with what your customers and clients value, while providing significant market exposure and opportunity.

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