Let’s Talk About Light and Health-2022

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Let’s Talk About Light and Health
2022 Series

A monthly Q&A following interviews with experts in light and health.
Hosted by Randy Reid of the NLB and produced by Allison Thayer of the LHRC that
incorporated a variety of topics with experts in various backgrounds. Check out the 2022 series videos below.

Hosted by Rendy Reid of the NLB andproduced by Allison Thayer of the LHRC

Last Monday of each month at 12:00 PM, ET

Contact Randy Reid at randy@nlb.org
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During the 2022 Series, each month, we hear from our host, Randy Reid, and producer Allison Thayer along with 10 industry leaders and professionals.

Meet your host:

Randy Reid, MBA

Executive Director of the National Lighting Bureau

Along with being an Executive Director of the National Lighting Bureau, Mr. Reid is also the editior of the edisonReport and the editor of designing lighting(dl) magazine. He is a past president of the Illuminating engineering Society and a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve.

Meet your producer:

Allison Thayer,MS

Associate Researcher
Mount Sinal’s Light and Health Research Center(LHRC)

Ms. Thayer assists in human health research, participating in efforts from proposal writing to field study applications. Using her background in architectural design focuses on developing design guidelines and luminaries for circadian effective lighting solutions to implement into practice. She also plays a role in outreach education efforts for spreading the word about light’s impact on circadian rhythms, which includes the development of a
website to contain educational materials for individuals inside and outside the lighting industry.

Meet our speakers

Learn more about their biographies by visiting the link below:

  • Mariana Figuerior,PhD
  • Robert White, MD
  • Sofia Axelrod, PhD
  • Bryan Steverson, MA
  • David Gadoury, PhD
  • Robert Wright, MD, MPH
  • John Bullough, PhD
  • Bernard Camins, MD
  • CDR Christopher Steele, PhD
  • Charles Jarboe, MS
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