NLB News 2020

NLB News 2020 2022-11-18T19:09:21-06:00

12.31.15 Yorgey Re-Elected National Lighting Bureau Chair

James M. “Jim” Yorgey, P.E., LC, CTS, Lutron Electronics Company’s technical-applications manager, has been re-elected chair of the National Lighting Bureau, the independent, not-for-profit, lighting-education foundation sponsored by professional societies, trade associations, manufacturers, utilities, [...]

12.30.15 National Lighting Bureau Moves Its Offices

The National Lighting Bureau has moved to Shepherdstown, WV after four decades in Silver Spring, MD. Its new address is: 180 Reachcliff Drive Shepherdstown, WV  25443 Its new telephone number is: 304-870-4249 The Bureau’s [...]

12.22.15 Best in Seven Years: Third-Quarter-2015 Lighting-Systems Index Leaps 4.4% Quarter over Quarter

Demand for lighting equipment jumped 4.4% between the second and third quarters of 2015 to achieve what the National Lighting Bureau hails as “the best quarterly performance since the second quarter of 2008.” The [...]

12.21.15 Does Your Lighting Expose You to a Cybersecurity Risk?

Could your lighting system give hackers what they need to steal your personal information…and more? Yes, can be the answer, depending on the design of the specific system involved and the quality of the [...]

09.17.15 Second-Quarter-2015 Lighting-Systems Index: “Moving In The Right Direction,” NLB Says

After conveying disappointing results for the first-quarter of 2015, when lighting-equipment demand was 3.6% below fourth-quarter 2014 demand, the latest NEMA Lighting-Systems Index (LSI) results show that a modest rebound occurred during 2015’s second-quarter: [...]

09.15.15 ATG Electronics Is Newest National Lighting Bureau Sponsor

ATG Electronics has become the newest sponsor of the National Lighting Bureau. An independent, not-for-profit foundation established in 1976, the Bureau’s mission is to educate commercial, industrial, residential, and other lighting-system owners, managers, and [...]

08.03.15 Lighting-Designer Designations: Telling One from the Other

Many professions and vocations are subject to state licensure, helping to ensure that the public can feel somewhat confident about dealing with licensees. Lighting designers are not licensed, but several certifications or similar designations [...]

07.14.15 Why Your High-Efficiency-Lighting May Not Be Very Efficient at All

Imagine, if you will, the world’s most efficient lighting system; a system so efficient that it provides all the lighting needed by a 100-person workforce for  the fantastically small sum of just $100 per [...]

05.29.15 First-Quarter 2015 Lighting-Systems Index: Results “Disappointing,” NLB Says

After an outstanding fourth quarter 2014, which saw the highest lighting-equipment demand since the third quarter of 2008, first-quarter 2015 activity “has to be labeled disappointing,” said National Lighting Bureau Executive Director John Bachner. [...]

04.27.15 National Lighting Bureau Launches 36th High-Benefit Lighting(R) Awards Program

The 36th annual High-Benefit Lighting Awards Program is now underway. Sponsored by the National Lighting Bureau, the unique program is open to owners, architects, engineers, interior designers, facility and property managers, contractors, manufacturer’s representatives, [...]