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NLB resources include case studies with detailed examples of the use of High-Benefit Lighting; illustrated guides and other NLB publications; panel discussion videos; and links to valuable lighting resources.

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All National Lighting Bureau (NLB) guides have been prepared using nontechnical language and extensive illustration. Over the years, thousands of facility and operations managers have benefited from using NLB guides and learning how to obtain the High-Benefit Lighting needed to achieve enhanced productivity, fewer errors, and increased security and safety, as well as optimized energy efficiency and a number of other benefits in a variety of settings.

Available for Free DownloadYou can download PDF versions of NLB publications for your own use at no cost. Just click the “Download PDF” links where indicated. (Note that some titles might require a significant amount of download time depending on your Internet connection.)

How to Order Hard Copies The hard-copy versions of NLB publications are distributed by IHS. IHS accepts all forms of payment, including purchase orders, checks, and American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards. For prepaid orders, add 5% for shipping and handling, plus the applicable state sales tax. For invoiced orders, IHS will charge you actual shipping, plus a $10.00 handling fee and the applicable state sales tax.

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