Lighting for Safety and Savings

Lighting for Safety and Savings 2017-01-03T15:27:26+00:00

Factory Boosts Productivity. New High-Benefit Lighting at Metal Industries, Inc., in Elizabeth, PA, resulted in increased productivity, fewer errors, accident reductions, lower insurance premiums, and reduced absenteeism.

Improved worker productivity is but one of many valuable benefits available from more effective lighting. So says Buildings managing editor Randy Brown, in his article “Managing Lighting: There’s More to Lighting Management than Switching Lamps.”

According to the National Safety Council, “Whether you are trying to type at a computer terminal, read a stack of papers or work on a factory machine, proper lighting not only can increase your productivity and reduce absenteeism, it can add a sense of security to the workplace.” Read about it in “Keep an Eye out for Lighting Problems,” published in Today’s Supervisor.

High-Benefit Lighting can have particularly beneficial results for light industrial facilities, as pointed out by Lithonia Lighting’s Richard V. Morse in “Assessing the Benefits of Better Lighting,” published in The Fabricator.

Lighten up for higher quality, greater profits,” says Modern Application News in its “As I See It” editorial.