Case History: New Lighting Returns Park to the People

Case History: New Lighting Returns Park to the People 2017-01-07T15:54:48+00:00
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New Lighting Returns Park to the People

Located on 5.7 acres in Spring Valley, a suburb of San Diego, Spring Valley Park was known for its handsome grounds and a 133,200 square-foot community center. For a while it was also known for problems brought about by inadequate lighting: several serious incidents of assaults with injury each year; automobile break-ins; almost one vehicle- pedestrian accident each week, with older people often the victims; about 40 vehicle-vehicle accidents annually; almost daily spray painting of the community center (costing $10,000 per year to correct); and $25,000 worth of thefts and damage caused by break-ins at the community center.

Determined to do something about these problems, the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation invested $17,250 in a new, high-benefit lighting system.

  • Assaults and robberies were virtually eliminated.
  • Vehicle-pedestrian accidents were cut by 75 percent while vehicle-vehicle accidents were reduced by almost 90 percent.
  • Vandalism was virtually eliminated, saving $10,000 per year.
  • Community center break-ins also were stopped, saving another $25,000 each year.

As a result of these latter two benefits alone, simple payback for the new lighting occurred in slightly more than six months. Perhaps more important, the Park has once again become a community resource.