2007 Bookstore Publications

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Performing a Lighting System Audit

Should you conduct a lighting system audit? This comprehensive NLB guide can help you answer that question (it begins with a simple quiz). More important, the guide provides the information needed to [...]

Getting the Most from Your Lighting Dollar

The third edition of NLB's most popular lighting guide, with real-life examples from documented case studies and illustrated pages of important basic information about lighting and steps to save energy without sacrificing [...]

Lighting for Safety and Security

Everybody understands the value of safety and security lighting. Or do they? Did you know that the same lighting can also provide attraction, identification, beautification, environmental integration, and more? This Bureau guide [...]

The NLB Guide to Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

Energy-efficient lighting involves so much more than removing lamps (light bulbs or tubes) or reducing wattage. To be truly efficient, lighting must be used to its best advantage in given situations. This [...]

The National Lighting Bureau Guide to Retail Lighting Management

Case histories show lighting has a direct impact on retail sales, and the new, third edition of this NLB classic has more of these case histories than ever before. Written in non-technical [...]

The NLB Guide to Industrial Lighting

This is the Bureau's most current industrial lighting "how-to" guide for non-technical readers. Coverage includes the many benefits of good industrial lighting such as better productivity, fewer rejects, enhanced safety, and less [...]

Lighting and Human Performance: A Review

Researched and written by some of the world's leading independent lighting authorities, Lighting and Human Performance: A Review comprises the most comprehensive critical analysis of the relationship between lighting and human performance [...]