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NLB Tesla Lighting Design Awards™️ 2022

Deadline to Submit: April 15th, 2022

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Special Award Category – Lighting Design to Promote Human Health and Well-being
To submit an entry for the Special Award Category – Lighting Design to Promote Human Health and Well-being, please include the following information and data specifically related to the promotion of the circadian entrainment of building occupants as outlined in the attached document.

Lighting Design Factors

BRENTWOOD, TN, October 19, 2021—The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) announces winners of its Second Annual Tesla Awards. Ten Tesla Awards were given this year for the following projects:

  • Confidential Client Office TI– Stantec
  • Deloitte HQ Link Bridges –Equation Lighting Design
  • 25 E Washington Lobby – Schuler Shook
  • Penthouse – LS Group
  • Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist – MORLIGHTS
  • Rockefeller Capital Management – Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Confidential Aerospace Defense Corporation – Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Princeton University Firestone Library – Fisher Marantz Stone
  • BGI Castel Headquarters – Marco Stignani Lighting Design
  • CME Group—Schuler Shook

Staying true to its mission, the NLB created the Tesla Awards to honor lighting projects that provide High-Benefit Lighting®, or lighting that promotes human performance, health, safety, commerce and the reduction in light pollution. Not only do the winning projects showcase the value of lighting, but they also demonstrate the best practices in lighting design, and the importance of collaboration.

The awards are to be presented Friday, October 29th at LightFair at 11:30 a.m. in the Special Events Area (booth 1474.)   In addition, at a separate date, the judges will conduct a deep dive interview allowing the designers to describe the jobs in detail.

Mary Beth Gotti, Telsa Committee Chair, stated, “We realize that while many are reviewing their plans to attend LightFair, we will be conducting a live awards presentation and abiding by all safety protocols.” NLB Chair, Howard Lewis said, “This year we are very excited to honor the Tesla Awardees in person at LightFair as well as learn the details of these award-winning projects in an online format.  This hybrid format is truly the best way to showcase these beautiful jobs.”