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NLB Hosts Inaugural Tesla Awards

BRENTWOOD, TN, June 24, 2020—This June the National Lighting Bureau (NLB) launched its inaugural Tesla Awards. Nine Tesla Awards were given, five of which went to Fisher Marantz Stone:

· Covington San Francisco – Fisher Marantz Stone

· Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Mori Hoesseini Student Union – Fisher Marantz Stone

· Edition Hotel Paradise Club – Fisher Marantz Stone

· Ford Foundation Renovation – Fisher Marantz Stone

· Vancouver Waterfront Park Grant Street Pier and Plaza – Fisher Marantz Stone

· Michael Best LLC – Hubbell Lighting, One Source Associates

· Duke Ellington School of the Arts – Hubbell Lighting, One Source Associates

· Rutgers Life Long Learning Center – Dennis Kowal Architects

· Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi – AECOM

Staying true to its mission, the NLB created the Tesla Awards to honor lighting projects that provide High-Benefit Lighting®, or lighting that promotes human performance, health, safety, and commerce. Not only do the winning projects showcase the value of lighting, but they also demonstrate the best practices in lighting design, as well as the importance of collaboration.

Initially, the awards were to be presented during LightFair, following the format of a traditional awards show. However, because of the pandemic, the NLB conducted the awards online, giving awardees the chance to speak in-depth about their projects and the challenges associated with them. At the end, the judges were able to ask probing questions in an open-mic format.

Randy Reid, Executive Director stated, “To my knowledge, there has never been a more detailed award presentation in our industry. It is an excellent tool to learn the secrets from some of the best designers in lighting.”

The full interviews with the Fisher Marantz Stone team can be found here, and the remaining four interviews can be found here.

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