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Annual Lighting forum

The National Lighting Bureau set out on a path 13 years ago to bring people of the lighting community together to inspire lighting professionals and achieve an increased demand for High-Benefit Lighting, We provoke discussion about various trending topics and raise awareness, by educating those who will continue to make and influence decisions about lighting and its effect on society’s human performance, health, safety, and commerce.

We welcome your recommendations for

both alf topics and alf speakers

Deadline: october 31st, 2023

What makes a good speaker candidate?

Lighting Specifier, Designer, Architect,
Engineer, Lighting Consultant, MD, etc.

This person is a lighting professional who has earned a badge of honor for serving their industry with education and experience. A worthy candidate would be recognized by their professional peers as knowledgeable in their field of study and passion and can share their experience and consult on a specific topic.

Mark Lien of the Illuminating Engineering Society

Craig Casey of Lutron discussing Human Centric Lighting

What makes a great topic?

Check out past ALF topics for inspiration.

Artificial Lighting UV

Dark Skies and Light Pollution

Healthy lighting

OLEDs, Where Are We Going Are We Going?

TM 30 Lighting MetricC

Nomination form

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